Kate, Amber and Amelia blog about their visit to The Haworth Art Gallery

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This is me, Amber and Amelia at The Haworth Art Gallery examining a picture we liked. We liked it because although it wasn’t as fancy as the rest of the pictures it still stood out especially with the panda.

This is me getting shown how people at the mill used the machinery. I really found it fascinating and the tour guide did really well at telling us what they did because it made you feel as if you were someone who worked there.”



This is Kate, me (Amber), Amelia, Lucy, Waqar and the tour guide at The Haworth Art Gallery. The tour guide told us lots of things about William and Anne Haworth, the owners of the Haworth. It was very interesting!



Two people used to live in this house and they donated it to the people of Accrington. I didn’t know what to expect. I saw not just paintings but Tiffancy Glass which was so colourful and beautiful. I remember one of my paintings being shown here when I was about four or five and won a competition.

Whilst at the Haworth, I noticed this historic Accrington crest made from stained glass in a window on the stairs.


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5 Responses to Kate, Amber and Amelia blog about their visit to The Haworth Art Gallery

  1. teammpa says:

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed your museum and gallery visits and you have inspired me to visit Queen Street Mill in Burnley again – my grandma and her sister worked there when they were young. I can’t wait to see how these visits are reflected in the banners you produce!

  2. Melanie D says:

    Hi Kate, Amber & Amelia, some great photos, especially of the stained glass window. It sounds like the visits really inspired you, and I can’t wait to see the end results of your work. Congratulations.

  3. Steph says:

    I wonder which artist produced the ‘panda’ painting?

  4. Nick Hunt says:

    Good to see you exploring Accrington’s design heritage via the old stained glass crest. Ask MPA for a copy of the ‘Welcome to West Accrington’ report if you want to explore further…

  5. I was amazed by all the clever little details that Yvonne showed us in the design and architecture, like flowers, symbols and the family’s initials. There were so many hidden stories that you wouldn’t know about at first glance.

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