Today on 25th of June we ….

Today on saturday 25th of June we have been making some decision about the openings (preview & the official launch) and the invitations for the unveiling of our heritage banners for the Market Hall. So far we have decided to serve refreshments like juice, coffee and tea and hot pies with peas or gravy (this is a very important decision!). We have put our heads together to create a press release and now we are designing the invitations. Not bad for a couple of hours work!

(This blog entry has been written by Amelia.)

Next Wednesday on the 29th of June we will be having our last workshop at The Hollins Technology College (Boo Hoo ;-( So sad!!!) . We will be finishing off our great designs on the banners that we have been creating throughout the last month and preparing for the unveiling of the banners. We can’t wait until we see the  banners on display and at the unveiling we will would love to see as many people that would like to join us on this special day for Accrington. If you are interested then just come and see our heritage banners on the saturday 16th July from 11am-1pm at Accrington Market Hall. At the opening there will be lots for you to do, such as fun badges to make and great balloons to take away.

(This paragraph of the blog was written by Kate Hall PPA.)

This Wednesday (29th June) I am looking forward to seeing the banner I designed, A Bottle of Accrington, because since we started painting it last Wednesday a printer has now added green metallic outlines and lettering to it, making it look even better. I will add a photo next Wednesday to show you…

(This section of the blog was written by Amber Lightfoot P.P.A, Great Grandaughter of the first mayor of Accrington (John Emmanuel Lightfoot.))

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