Kate, Amber and Amelia blog about their visit to The Haworth Art Gallery

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This is me, Amber and Amelia at The Haworth Art Gallery examining a picture we liked. We liked it because although it wasn’t as fancy as the rest of the pictures it still stood out especially with the panda.

This is me getting shown how people at the mill used the machinery. I really found it fascinating and the tour guide did really well at telling us what they did because it made you feel as if you were someone who worked there.”



This is Kate, me (Amber), Amelia, Lucy, Waqar and the tour guide at The Haworth Art Gallery. The tour guide told us lots of things about William and Anne Haworth, the owners of the Haworth. It was very interesting!



Two people used to live in this house and they donated it to the people of Accrington. I didn’t know what to expect. I saw not just paintings but Tiffancy Glass which was so colourful and beautiful. I remember one of my paintings being shown here when I was about four or five and won a competition.

Whilst at the Haworth, I noticed this historic Accrington crest made from stained glass in a window on the stairs.


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The banners are beginning to take shape

Busy session yesterday on Wednesday 22nd.We started painting the Textile and A Bottle of Accrington Banner banners. Once the paint goes on that’s it! So, everyone had to really carefully make their marks. No pressure then! I have to say that everyone worked really well yesterday. Here is the PPA team in action;

Sadly Kate was not able to attend as she has just had an hip operations. Get well soon Kate.

We did have the assistance of three Year 7 pupils, so thank you girls for your help.

The PPA meet this Saturday to talk through the launch of the banners (Save the date; Saturday 16th July from 11am to 1pm at The Market Hall in Accrington) and next Wednesday is our last making session, so as always lots to do!


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Viral film for Project Pride Accrington is now live!

The viral film for Project Pride Accrington is now live! See it at;


Come and join us for the launch of Project Pride Accrington on Saturday 16th July from 11am — 1pm at Accrington Market Hall, to see the banners we have created and meet the team behind the work.…

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There’s a definate plan coming together now!

We had the use of the art rooms this afternoon, so lots of trying out textile techniques for our Market Hall banners.

Next week we are making them!


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Decisions! Decisions!

Last week the PPA team had some big decisions to make regarding the design and look of our banners for The Market Hall in Accrington.

On Wednesday 8th we made the key decisions to the content of the banners. We aim to make six banners and their themes are; Old and new; Accrington bottled; Maps and stats; Textiles; Accrington Pals and The New Market Hall!

Last Saturday 11th June we started designing the banners and finalising how they will look. Here’s how we got on;

This week we begin to make the banners. We are looking at a launch date of mid July, so a busy month ahead!

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Workshop at The New Market Hall

The PPA team were out and about in The Market Hall today, asking stall holders and shoppers their thoughts on Accrington and The Market Hall. Well done to Alex, Kate, Amber and Amelai for working so hard today and thank you to all the people who contributed. We will now be looking at all these comments to inform us on the design and content of our banners for The Market Hall.

Next month we are designing and making our Market Hall Banners.

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Brilliant visit to Queen’s Street Mill near Burnley last Thursday 19th

What a brilliant visit to Queen’s Street Mill, near Burney last Thursday 19th. It’s a working Victorian Mill and we got to see the whole process from spinning the cotton into yearn through to weaving it into cloth. Julie and Vinnie were our excellant guides (thank you ladies) and really gave us an insight into what the Mill was like when it was working. At one time there were over 1,000 looms running at one time which were housed in a weaving shed that was as big as 6 football pitches. Here are some of our amazing pics from the visit;

We will be using the information and pictures from our Queen’s Street Mill visit to feed into the design of our Market Hall Banners. At the moment it looks like we are going for a red, white and blue theme!

This Saturday 29th we will be at The Market Hall in Accrington asking the shoppers their opinion on Accrington. Look out for us in the centre of The Market Hall from 11am to 2pm.

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